Monash Women’s has the opportunity to care for a diverse population and we recognise that not all families are captured neatly in any one category.

We also have nested clinic care within our main teams for many other groups of women and families including those with especially complex maternal or fetal medical needs, specialised care due to medication or substance use, complex social problems, mental health needs, refugee families, short cervical length or high preterm birth risk as well as early fetal growth restriction.

We are also proud to be responsive to the needs of and grow with our community and actively develop new sub-streams and areas of focus as needed.

Maternal-fetal medicine

Maternal-fetal medicine is covered by the Amber team (Higher risk pregnancy support). This clinic will care for you, and your baby, where there is rare, medically complex or serious problems that require a coordinated approach from maternal-fetal medicine obstetricians, midwives, neonatologists, ultrasound and other imaging specialists with input as needed from physicians, surgeons and other clinical care groups.

This care is centralised to the Clayton campus with outreach to other sites.

Medications in pregnancy

We recognise that some women need extra help to stay healthy in pregnancy.

For women who are on medications that require specialised care in pregnancy such as opiate replacement, or help with other substance use, Monash Women’s has an ADaPPT team who are specially trained in these aspects of care, understand the extra challenges faced and will help you, and your baby with consistent supportive care to achieve a healthy mother and healthy baby.

We also have a well-recognised service advising on medication in pregnancy, available through the pharmacy department able to give clinical advice where required.

Social complexity

Life gets complicated, especially in pregnancy and pregnancy can be a strain on relationships, home situations and finances.

Whether you need pregnancy care nested within ADaPPT due to significant life challenges or simply more input from our social work service, Monash Women’s can help. We also have excellent relationships with community services that can help you, and your family negotiate the path to parenthood.

Learn about our ADaPPT team

Maternal mental health and wellness

Significant effort has been applied to our service in the area of perinatal mental health with strengthening of relationships between our mental health service and pregnancy care. Please reach out to your caregivers who can facilitate connection with the perinatal mental health service and social work.

You can also learn about mental health support services that are publicly available.

Family violence and coercive control

Monash Women’s has a strong and enduring commitment to ensuring women we care for are safe.

We know that it can be hard to raise safety, control or coercion issues when your intimate partner or family have control. We endeavour to screen all women privately without partners or other family members present for safety concerns so we can help – please do not be afraid to voice your concerns so we can help. Nothing will be done without your consent and help is available.

If you are needing some advice, find out about the resources available for you by community services.

Refugee families

Monash Women’s has a diverse community and we embrace this diversity.

Monash Health has an established refugee health and well being service and this extends into expecting refugee families with additional help available. Refugee service input will be offered by our team if you identify as refugee but is also available via your GP.

Preterm birth

The Amethyst team has a special interest in women at high risk of recurrent preterm birth and if your pregnancy referral from you GP or midwife assessment appointment identifies you as best suited to this care, you will be cared for by Amethyst.

Careful assessment of the reason for your risk and the potential role of specific therapies to reduce the chance of recurrence, as well as a planned birth in a tertiary hospital with NICU support for your baby (if required) streamlines pregnancy and birth and means you will have your baby in a hospital you have visited and are familiar with.

Short cervix and early growth restriction (small) baby

We are excited to introduce our new perinatal care centre stream to facilitate evidence-based, well-timed, consistent care for women with short cervixes and those with early onset identification of a small baby in pregnancy.

This service coordinates the monitoring, counselling and management of these pregnancies and provides support for women who may birth in multiple Monash Women’s sites.

Learn more about our Perinatal Care Centre.

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