Perinatal Care Centre

We are proud to introduce the newest space within our Monash Women’s service, the Perinatal Care Centre.

Located on Level 5 of Monash Medical Centre Clayton, close to the Birth Suite, Fetal Surveillance and Pregnancy Assessment areas, the Perinatal Care Centre is a purpose built, state of the art facility for ultrasound based care throughout gestation, with a particular focus on complex and high risk pregnancy.

Comprising 5 ultrasound rooms and a consulting room, and staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of sonologists, midwives, obstetricians, and sonographers, this facility is designed to provide access to the full range of ultrasounds required for pregnancy care, as well as targeted care for women with multiple pregnancy, fetal growth restriction and at risk of preterm birth through specifically designed models of pregnancy care.

The Perinatal Care Centre provides seamless integration of specialised pregnancy care in one setting, with links to existing services including Fetal Surveillance, Fetal Diagnostic, and Maternity clinics at all Monash Health sites.

Referrals are also accepted for women booked to give birth at Monash Health from GPs – please see the Health Professionals section of this website for further information and downloadable forms.

How do I find the Perinatal Care Centre?

The Perinatal Care Centre is located on Level 5, Monash Medical Centre Clayton, near the ‘Green lifts’ at the back of the hospital. Wayfinding signs will guide you along the corridor to the centre from the Green lifts, or from Birth Suite.