Extended postnatal care

Monash Women’s provides an extended postnatal care service – this supplies midwifery follow-up at home to ensure all is well with you, and your baby.

This service is free for all women who birth publicly with our service and is arranged before you leave the hospital.

We do ask a standard set of questions to ensure your home is appropriate for clinical visiting and request that pets and dogs are kept out of the room for our visit, and that there is no smoking, drugs or alcohol. Sometimes we perform our extended postnatal care in the hospital and ask you to return if this is the best way for this visit to occur.

Extended postnatal care helps smooth your transition to home life as a new family and provides a check of you and your baby’s physical health and an opportunity for advice and support with feeding, sleeping, breastfeeding and linking you into additional care if required which may be your GP, the hospital or lactation service.

This bridges the gap to your first community maternal and child health nurse visit which is arranged by your local council.

Watch the video below to learn more about our extended postnatal care and support for when you are at home

For helpful resources on postnatal care and looking after a newborn, please visit our Health Information section.