Booking request – Maternity care

Fill in the form below to request a booking with Monash Women’s for maternity care.

You can submit a booking request online, however we will still require a referral from your doctor or midwife at your first clinic appointment.

Women with more complicated pregnancies will be offered a booking according to the level of care needed at either Casey Hospital, Dandenong Hospital or Monash Medical Centre (Clayton).

Monash Medical Centre is the only tertiary level hospital within our health service and we prioritise women with highest risk pregnancies to book at this site.

Most pregnant women are able to be cared for at Dandenong or Casey as both sites have appropriate senior maternity staff, operating theatres, intensive care and other specialty support for you and your baby.You can be reassured that if you are streamed to Dandenong or Casey, this is because your pregnancy is within the capability of these hospital sites.

Do not complete this booking request online if your doctor has already made a booking referral to Monash Health.

If you no longer require your booking, please send us an email or call (03) 9594 2239.