Pregnancy care with Monash Women’s

Pregnancy care with Monash Women’s is orientated to you, your pregnancy and anticipated needs in dedicated teams and clinics.

This allows us to meet you and your baby’s needs, and anticipate additional care for your pregnancy, all with the aim of having healthy mothers and healthy babies born at the best time, in the best location, where possible close to home.

For COVID-19 related advice and information, please visit our COVID-19 information page for pregnant women and parents.

If English isn’t your first language, please visit our Translated Resources page.

Start your pregnancy journey with Monash Women’s.

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Pregnancy support and services

We provide a wide range of support and services for diverse pregnancies.

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Care options

Your options for pregnancy care and where you can have your baby with Monash Women’s.


My pregnancy tests and visits

What to expect in a ‘routine’ pregnancy and common tests done during visits.


Birth options

Learn more about the birth options supported by Monash Women’s.

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Information to support you having pregnancy care via telehealth.

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No Medicare card

Information for women who do not hold a valid Medicare card.

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Request a booking

Request a booking appointment with Monash Women’s.

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Health information on pregnancy

Find resources to support your pregnancy journey and transition to parenthood.

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Online learning

Pregnancy, birth and beyond education for women booked at Monash Health.


Generation Victoria

Improving long-term health and wellbeing for families at Monash Health.