Shared pregnancy care

Q:  Can I have shared care in pregnancy with a community GP or midwife?

A:  Yes. If your GP or midwife are approved by Monash Health to provide pregnancy care.

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Q:  Can I book for a public home birth through Monash Medical Centre?

A: Monash Women’s provides a public homebirth service from Casey Hospital for women who live locally. We do not currently have a public home birth service from our other sites.

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I want to try a vaginal birth after my last caesarean?

Q: Can I try for a vaginal birth with my next pregnancy?

A: Most women who have a caesarean in a prior pregnancy can have a vaginal birth in their next pregnancy. At Monash Women’s we are keen to support more women to choose a vaginal birth if appropriate. See VBAC fact sheet for more information.

Tours of maternity services

Q: Can I do a tour of a maternity service?

A: Virtual tours of our maternity services will be available from this website soon.

Private rooms

Q: Can I have a private room?

A: We don’t have private rooms in the public hospitals. Each of our maternity sites has a mixture of bed configurations with a small number of ‘single’ rooms with priority at the time to women who are ill or unwell post birth.

Birth Centre

Q: Can you please send me more information about your birth centre and whom you accept?

A: Our philosophy of care at Monash Women’s embraces the normalcy of pregnancy, and its potential for health; with well women supported in normal birth by midwives. If you are giving birth in the hospital it will be in one of the birth suite rooms.

Choice of hospital

Q: How do I get a transfer to Monash Medical Centre? I’ve had to book into the local hospital, as I wasn’t classed as high risk to go to Monash Medical Centre. But I had my last baby at MMC.

A: Monash Medical Centre provides a broad spectrum of maternity services. We provide higher level care for women with complex pregnancies from all over Victoria. It is also the local maternity service for women who live close by. Unfortunately, this means that some women who are healthy must chose to have their baby in a hospital closer to where they live.

Home birth back up

Q:My private midwife recommended that I register my name with Monash as it is the closest public hospital to us. Could you please advise me on whom I need to talk to about doing this?

A: We are pleased to offer a backup service to women who live in the Monash Health region. Contact our central maternity bookings by Fax 9594 6298 , telephone 9594 2229 or email and they will contact you to arrange an initial appointment for you to be provided with back up place of birth.

Non Medicare

Q: How do I book into the hospital if I dont have Medicare?

A: Please read our information sheet I’m pregnant and I don’t have a Medicare card

Translated: Khmer, Vietnamese


Q: Do I need a doctors referral to book in?

A: No, however If you are having public hospital clinic care you may need to bring a referral from your GP for your first hospital medical visit. Referrals need to be made to a specific specialist doctor, we would ask that you have your GP write your referral to: ‘A/Professor Ryan Hodges, Director of Obstetrics’.

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