Gynaecology care with Monash Women’s

Monash Women’s is able to provide gynaecology care across the lifespan with a broad range of general and subspecialty gynaecology clinics and surgical operating lists.

We provide outpatient consulting across several sites (Moorabbin Hospital, Monash Medical Centre (Clayton), Dandenong Hospital and Sandringham Hospital) as well as general gynaecology and subspecialty operating list access through accredited Monash Women’s gynaecologists in private rooms who can waitlist directly for elective surgery.

How do I access Monash Women’s gynaecology clinics?

You can access gynaecology care with Monash Women’s through a referral from your GP.

Referrals are categorised by clinical urgency.

For more information, have a read of the FAQs relating to gynaecology care.


Clinic Day(s) Site(s)
Abnormal periods (Menstrual management) Friday
  • Moorabbin Hospital
  • Dandenong Hospital
General gynaecology and abnormal periods (Menstrual management) Monday, Wednesday
  • Sandringham Hospital
Cervical screening and treatment (dysplasia) Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Moorabbin Hospital
  • Dandenong Hospital
Early pregnancy support (early pregnancy bleeding) Monday – Friday
  • Monash Medical Centre (Clayton)
  • Casey Hospital
  • Dandenong (within general gynaecology clinics)
Early pregnancy support (early pregnancy bleeding) Monday, Wednesday
  • Sandringham Hospital (within general gynaecology clinics)
Endometriosis/pelvic pain Alternate Fridays
  • Moorabbin Hospital
  • Dandenong Hospital
Fertility and hormonal care (Reproductive biology unit) Tuesday Monash Medical Centre (Clayton)
Girls and gynaecology before 18 (Adolescent gynaecology) Friday mornings
  • Monash Children’s Hospital (Clayton)
  • Specialist consulting suites
Gynaecological cancer care Monday, Wednesday Moorabbin Hospital
Menopause care (Menopause clinic) Thursday Monash Medical Centre (Clayton)
Minimally invasive gynaecology (endogynae) Monday
  • Moorabbin Hospital
  • Dandenong Hospital
Pelvic floor and continence care Tuesday
  • Moorabbin Hospital
  • Dandenong Hospital
Relationships and sexual health support (Sexual medicine and therapy clinic) Thursday Moorabbin Hospital
Specialist contraceptive support (contraceptive counselling) Monday Monash Medical Centre (Clayton)
Turner syndrome (menopause clinic) Thursday Monash Medical Centre (Clayton)

Gynaecology surgery

We also provide gynaecological surgery at Moorabbin, Dandenong, Casey, Sandringham and Cranbourne sites on both general gynaecology operating lists as well as subspecialty (specialised procedures) operating lists for advanced laparoscopic surgery, endometriosis surgery and prolapse surgery. Many operations are suitable for several sites and you will be scheduled for your operation at the site that is closest to your home, with the most appropriate surgical team and facility for the procedure you require.

In general, advanced laparoscopy (such as significant endometriosis or hysterectomy) is available at Moorabbin, Casey, Dandenong and Sandringham. Pelvic floor unit surgery is available at the same sites, as is general gynaecological surgery including laparoscopy (keyhole) and laparotomy (open cut).

Cranbourne performs solely day surgery procedures and all other sites perform minor operations, vaginal surgery, hysteroscopic (in the uterus from the vagina) surgery and treatment for cervical problems.