Monash Women’s is committed to providing pregnancy care and advice close to home.

Telehealth resources on this page:

For general telehealth patient information in English and other languages, please visit the Telehealth page on the Monash Health website.

Blood pressure measurements from home

Symphyseal fundal height measurements from home

Watch the video below for guidance on doing symphyseal fundal height measurements at home.

Common questions regarding telehealth

Where do I go to attend my appointment?

To attend your appointment, visit:

Instead of travelling, you enter the maternity clinic’s online waiting area. We are notified when you arrive, and your clinician will join you when ready. There is no need to create an account.

Am I eligible for telehealth?

Yes. All pregnant women are eligible.

The maternity team will discuss with you which appointments can be done by telehealth and which ones need to remain as face-to-face in a clinic.

Is it secure?

Video calls are secure and your privacy is protected. You have your own private video room that only authorised clinicians can enter.

How much does a video call cost?

The video call is free (except for your internet or data usage).

How much internet data will I use?

You don’t use any data while waiting for a clinician to join you.

A video consultation uses less than half of the data you would use while watching a YouTube video in High Definition*.

Lower-speed internet connections and less powerful computers will use less data but can also reduce the overall quality of the call.

*That’s about 230 MB on a mobile device, and 450 MB on a PC for a 20-minute call, which is similar to Skype® or FaceTime®. If you can, connect to a home or work Wi-Fi network to avoid using your mobile data allowance.

Getting started: What do I need to make a video call?

Download and follow the Telehealth Pregnancy Care Instructions.