Information for health professionals on referring women in maternity and gynaecology services.

Please remember that the quality of your referral impacts on our ability to appropriately triage and contact women. If the information provided is not adequate for triage purposes, you will be contacted to re-submit a completed referral before the booking can proceed.

Please remember to give a copy of all relevant results to women to bring to their appointments.

For Maternity and Gynaecology services contact information, please see Key Contacts page.


eReferral is now Monash Health’s preferred method of referral.

Practices that are HealthLink enabled can send Monash Health booking request directly by eReferral.

The eReferral form has been built to seamlessly integrate with the modules within medical software (e.g. Best Practice, Medical Director) and self-populate information such as: Gravida, Parity, EDD, LNMP, weight and height.

For more information on specialist clinics via HealthLink secure messaging, visit the GP eReferrals page on the Monash Health website.

For Maternity referrals: Please advise your patient that they will be contacted by the call centre within 1 to 2 weeks. Should a woman not hear back from the Maternity Booking Intake Service within this timeframe, please let us know by email (

Referral guidelines


Gynaecology Referral Nurses

Phone: (03) 9928 8056

Monash Health Fertility referrals

For more information about referring patients to fertility services at Monash Health, please visit the Monash Health Fertility website.

Monash Health Fertility website

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