Aged under 20 and having a baby?

We recognise that you may need a helping hand for the best possible start for your growing family. Monash Women’s has extra support available for younger parents where you need it – both for the ‘what do I need and where do I get it?’, the ‘little things’ that help you prepare to bring baby home, and for the medical care you may need during your pregnancy.

Young parents care is available at all our sites and enmeshed within each existing clinic.

Younger families benefit from consistent caregivers who are empathic to your needs and know how best to help you in your journey, and our young women’s teams nested within the main clinic streams deliver this care for you and your baby between midwives, social workers and obstetricians.

For families with additional complex needs, the ADaPPT Team (Monash Medical Centre) is here to streamline your care throughout your pregnancy and look forward to meeting you. Learn more about the ADaPPT team.

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