After baby pelvic care

Your pelvic floor is the group of muscles and connective tissue that supports your womb, bladder and bowel and prevents prolapse.

It also plays a role in the ability to hold in urine when you sneeze or cough.

Having a baby by vaginal birth means that your pelvic floor undergoes significant change as it stretches during birth and needs to return to prior size afterwards. Transient symptoms are common. While this is usually short term, some births increase the chance of you needing additional support with pelvic recovery. Additionally, some women experience problems with their pelvic floor despite an uncomplicated birth.

Monash Women’s physiotherapy provides a service on all three maternity sites for women who either have symptoms such as urinary incontinence or prolapse or who have had a high-risk birth (e.g. a very large baby, a very long labour or time ‘pushing’ or a forceps birth).

We also have follow-on outpatient physiotherapy and a perineal and pelvic floor clinic for women who we identify as requiring ongoing care post going home. These services are accessible by referral from your GP if you develop problems after you go home and have not been seen for pelvic care while in hospital.

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