Management of abnormal findings

All providers of maternity care have a responsibility to appropriately manage problems arising during a woman’s pregnancy. If the pregnancy deviates from normal, the community provider should consider referring the woman for hospital assessment or additional clinical consultation.

It is the primary responsibility of the maternity provider ordering an investigation to ensure appropriate follow up and management. However, all providers should check that any incomplete or abnormal investigation results or findings have been followed up. This should be clearly communicated and documented on the handheld record.

For immediate clinical advice, GPs are recommended to refer in the following manner according to hospital site.

Urgent referrals

Non-obstetric condition or less than 16 weeks pregnant

Any woman less than 16 weeks gestation should present to the Emergency Department (at the booking site) for assessment. This includes first trimester bleeding or pain that cannot be appropriately diagnosed and managed in the community.

Any pregnant woman presenting with an urgent non-obstetric condition at any time in pregnancy (e.g. chest pain, undiagnosed abdominal pain, seizures, unusual migraine) should be referred to the Emergency Department in the first instance for assessment.

More than 16 weeks pregnant (on-call obstetric registrar via switchboard)

Monash Medical Centre (Clayton)

Casey Hospital

Dandenong Hospital

Non-urgent referrals

Non-urgent queries will be responded to in a timely manner. This may include:

  • Organising extra outpatient appointments for additional clinical consultation.
  • Advice on referral to allied health or psychiatry services.
  • Arranging non-urgent reassessment of community ultrasound and other pathology results.
  • Discussion of correct hospital site allocation if the community provider believes the woman has been booked in a site that is not appropriate for her care.

Midwife Manager / Maternity Clinic

Monash Medical Centre (Clayton)

(03) 9594 6438

Casey Hospital

(03) 5941 0539

Dandenong Hospital

(03) 9792 7748

For Shared Care Patients – Maternity Shared Care Coordinator

0466 412 885

(03) 9594 5044

Additional contact information

Monash Drug Information Service

Genetic Health Services (Clayton)

(03) 9594 6022

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