Shared Maternity Care Affiliates

As a Monash Health Shared Maternity Care Affiliate, you may provide shared pregnancy care for women booked at any of the Monash Women’s maternity services (Casey Hospital, Dandenong Hospital and Monash Medical Centre, Clayton).

Shared Maternity Care is an important care pathway at Monash Health. There are currently more than 250 Shared Maternity Care Affiliates (SMCA), General Practitioners (GPs), community midwives and specialist obstetricians accredited with Monash Health. Women can birth at Monash Medical Centre (Clayton), Dandenong Hospital and Casey Hospital.

Shared pregnancy care is provided in a range of community settings. Community providers (General Practitioners, Obstetricians or Community-based midwives) work as a team with our hospital staff throughout a woman’s pregnancy. The baby’s birth and immediate postnatal care are managed by the hospital.

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Current Shared Maternity Care Affiliates

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