Third trimester of pregnancy – week 29 onwards

Learn about what to expect in your last stages of pregnancy and preparing for labour.

Welcome to the third trimester!

This is a time when you will often become physically heavy, slower and start to prepare for the birth.

Common problems include pelvic pain, poor sleep, frequent urination and rumination about your impending birth and baby.

Last weeks of pregnancy and preparing for labour

Breastfeeding – expressing colostrum in pregnancy

Breastfeeding – online group education

If at this stage of your pregnancy you would like to learn more about breastfeeding and preparing for feeding your baby, or have questions, let us know by emailing:

Our Lactation consultants will then send you a link to join a breastfeeding group education session, where the presenter can also answer your questions. These sessions are run weekly for an hour.

Include your hospital record number (UR) , and your preferred session time:

Tuesday 30th November 1500-1600

Thursday 9th December 1800-1900

Wednesday 15th December 1800-1900

Tuesday 21st December 1800-1900

Thursday 30th December 1500-1600

Iron infusion in pregnancy

What to do if your water breaks before 37 weeks

Induction of labour and postdates care

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