Labour and giving birth

Learn more about going into labour and giving birth.

Whether you birth by natural labour, induced labour, planned or emergency caesarean section every mother wants to know what to expect, bring and how care is provided.

What to bring to hospital when having a baby

When to call or come to hospital

We encourage you to call Pregnancy Assessment at your booked hospital if:

  • you think you are leaking fluid (membranes ruptured)
  • you think you are in labour – regular contractions at about five minute intervals (or premature labour)
  • you have bleeding (more than bloodstained mucous discharge)
  • you feel your baby’s movement pattern has changed at any time
  • you are feeling concerned

Pregnancy Assessment 24-hour telephone numbers:

  • Casey Hospital – 8768 1755
  • Dandenong Hospital – 9554 8180 or 9554 1911
  • Monash Medical Centre – 9594 5032
  • Sandringham Hospital – 9076 1245

You will be invited into the hospital if you are in good labour, or if there are any concerns. If there are any health concerns, our staff will discuss the best recommended care and any options for you to consider at the time.

You are admitted to the Birth Suite if you are confirmed to be in labour or if after assessment, it felt best that labour should be induced for the wellbeing of yourself or your baby.

Baby’s first few minutes and skin to skin contact

Note: There is very good evidence of the benefits of not clamping the cord until your baby has established spontaneous breathing or until the umbilical cords stops pulsation (that is generally about 3 mins after birth).

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