Frequently Asked Questions



Should we receive a Statement of Service as our employment at the Women’s is ending? 

Statements of Service are not required for permanent staff as your service will be recorded under the transfer of business to Monash Health. RWH will provide a Statement of Service and evidence to Monash Health of the aggregate service for each casual employee, in-line with cl.70.21 of the Nurses EA.  

What will this change mean for my employment conditions and position?

There will be no loss of jobs with the transition to Monash Health and employee roles will remain unchanged. On 6 February 2023 you will become an employee of Monash Health and be employed on your current classification (or equivalent) and contracted rate of pay. All employee entitlements (i.e. leave) and continuity of service will be transferred and recognised after your final payrun from the Women’s following this date.

Administrative employees will move to a new classification structure within the same Enterprise Agreement, as their current classification is exclusively used by the Women’s and Royal Children’s Hospital. The affected staff will transfer to the equivalent administrative classifications used by Monash Health. No employee will be disadvantaged because of this change.

Will I have to re-apply for my job?

No current employees at the Women’s at Sandringham will have to re-apply for their job. All roles and contracts will transfer to Monash Health on 6 February 2023.

Will there be any changes to my role or reporting line?

There will be no loss of jobs with the transition to Monash Health and employee roles will remain unchanged. Reporting lines will be changed in a small number of cases (as outlined in the Change Impact Statement issued 23 June 2022) where the current reporting line manager is based at the Women’s.

Do I have to complete a six month probationary period with Monash Health?

No. Your current employment is transferring to Monash Health, and you do not complete a new six month probationary period.

Why has my Health and Allied Services, Managers and Administrative Workers Enterprise Agreement classification changed?

As part of the transfer, any existing Royal Women’s Health classifications have been translated to the applicable Monash Health classifications under the above EBA.

These changes are administrative only and do not impact your rate of pay or the scope of your role in any way.

Why has my Nursing Enterprise Agreement classification changed?

Under the new Nurses and Midwives Enterprise Agreement 2020-2024, a number of redundant classifications and payroll codes are being removed. The Royal Women’s Hospital has recently completed these translations and amended the classification codes in their payroll system.

If your classification is affected, you will have recently received a letter from Alison Hamilton explaining the changes in more detail.

These changes are administrative only and do not impact your rate of pay or the scope of your role in any way.

The contract of employment you have been sent as part of your transfer of employment to Monash Health reflects the updated classifications.

Will any of these changes affect my rate of pay?

There will be no impact on your pay, only on your classification under the EBA.

NEW – How does the transition impact casuals?

The onboarding for casual employees is now complete and information regarding the ‘Monash Health Bureau’ and the ‘ShiftMatch’ workforce system has been sent to your email.

To access and view your shifts please log into the system via the following details:

  • Web Address:
  • Payroll: MH Employee Number
  • Password: Password1 (the system will prompt you to change when you first log on)

If you have picked up a shift, need to withdraw from a shift or would like to know if there are other shifts available please call the ‘Monash Health Bureau’ on the following details:

  • MHB Allocations: 9265 1789 (extension 51789) option 3 – hours are 0530-2200 Monday to Sunday.
  • Outside of these hours please call the NCO at Clayton on 9594 2717. This number will be diverted to their mobile if they are not in the office.

Please email us at if you have any questions or require further information.

Will I have to work at a different Monash Health campus?

No. Employees at Sandringham will maintain their position at the Sandringham campus under their current classification and contracted rate of pay.

We operate our Monash Health Women’s and Newborn service across several of our hospitals, and as part of our broader team, you may, on occasion, be requested to support your colleagues by working across other sites.

As part of welcoming you to Monash Health, we will support you with a full orientation of these sites before requesting that you work at another campus. If there is a mutual agreement regarding working across other sites, any relevant travel costs and allowances will be applied.

If I am rostered on at Sandringham, will I be redeployed if there is a shortfall at other Monash sites?   

We’re not currently planning to redeploy employees in this situation. However, in future we are keen to look at offering rotations between Clayton and Sandringham for nurses and midwives to allow cross-skilling between lower-risk and tertiary environments where employees are keen to do so. More information will be available later next year. 

Will there be access to our rosters from home and on our phones?

Yes. The UKG Dimensions app is available to download via both the Apple and Android app stores and allows you to view your rosters, timecards and apply for leave. The QRG for using UKG Dimensions on mobile devices is available on the Resources page of our website.

Will we be able to access the intranet from home?

Yes, all Monash Health staff are able to access the intranet and other systems (such as Prompt) through the Citrix.

NEW – Do I need to reapply for parking to the Alfred? 

No. All Alfred security badges will be reissued with Monash Health branding. Your car park access will not be impacted.  

NEW – How do I exchange uniforms from the fitting day? 

If you collected a uniform on the fitting day that is not the correct size, you can return it to Fay Presbury. More uniforms are available and can be collected from Tuesday 31 January from the old pharmacy unit. 

NEW – Will our pay dates be changing? 

Yes, you will transfer to an opposite pay run after the transition. You can read all the details here. 


Will I need to re-apply for my Working with Children Check and Police Check?

While this information will be provided to Monash Health directly from the Women’s payroll team, you will need to tell Working with Children Victoria that you have changed employer within 21 days of the transition date. For more information on how to update your details, visit the Working with Children Check Victoria website.

Do I need to provide Monash Health with details of my vaccination record?

No, the Women’s will provide us with details of the mandatory vaccinations required under the current Health Directive.

What will happen with my carparking at Sandringham Hospital?

After the transfer date, you will continue to pay the current cost and have the same access to Sandringham Hospital’s staff parking. Your current security / car park passes for the Sandringham site are currently being re-issued to include the Monash Health logo and will be available shortly.

Should employees from Sandringham, who are currently paying for parking, need to attend another Monash location, they will be reimbursed. Staff who do not currently pay for parking will not be reimbursed if they need to attend another Monash location and require onsite parking.

How will I receive my Monash Health uniform and dispose of my current uniform?

At Monash Health we provide an approved corporate uniform to designated employees, and expect that those employees will report to work and perform their role in the uniforms provided. Uniforms and footwear must be suitable to carry out an individual’s role and comply with safety and quality standards.

As part of the Sandringham transition, you will initially be supplied with two scrub sets per person (excluding medical employees who are able to self-purchase) and many employees received theirs at the recent ‘Meet the team’ sessions. If you missed out on collecting a uniform, you will be able to order any further garments needed for your role via the   when it becomes available after the 6 February. Dissolvable laundry bags to transport soiled scrubs will be available shortly. We are currently considering providing recycle bins onsite for current staff uniforms that are being disposed.

How do I receive my new Security ID badge?

Your security passes for the Sandringham site are currently being re-issued to include the Monash Health logo and will be available shortly. 

We are also arranging Monash Health security passes to provide you with access to our other campuses and more information will be provided shortly. 

How do I order my Monash Health name badge?

To ensure that we provide a safe and welcoming experience for all staff, patients and family members, all Monash Health staff are provided with a name badge that displays their name and designation.

Name badges have been ordered for all employees transitioning to Monash Health and will be delivered prior to Day 1. 

Will Salary Packaging still be available through Monash Health?

Yes. Salary Packaging is provided at Monash Health through partnership with Maxxia, and we will provide you with the appropriate application forms to complete prior to the transition date.

How do casual staff organise orientation to MMC and other Monash Health sites to be able to pick up shifts there also?  

We are currently working with the Women’s to transition casual employees to Monash Health. Once this is complete you are welcome to work additional shifts at Monash Health sites prior to the transition in February 2023. Once you have received your employee number, please email us at, and we’ll help arrange your orientation. 

I’ve received my PeopleStreme login details so why can’t I see any of my onboarding paperwork? 

All contracts have now been issued, and you should have received notification that your contract and onboarding information is available through PeopleStreme. If you have not received a notification or your personal email has recently changed, please let us know by emailing

Will we get new email addresses and external access to email and intranet (such as we have with The Women’s)?

All employees will be issued with a Monash Health email address.  As an employee of Monash Health you will also have remote access to the intranet and your email in line with our policies.

Following the transition date I will continue to work at Parkville so will be an employee of both Monash Health and the Women’s. How will my leave accrual be treated? 

If you continue to work part time with the Women’s following the transition, your accrued leave will stay with the Women’s and your Monash Health leave balance will start at zero. However, as we transition we will take a flexible, case by case approach to any planned leave, to ensure this can be accommodated where possible. 

Do I need to complete all the assigned learning modules prior to the transition date?

While we encourage you to complete the assigned training on Latte (Monash Health’s learning management system) prior to the transition date, this is not mandatory, and you have six months to complete the training. If you do wish to get underway with the learning modules before the transition date, please ensure that you use your Monash Health login details issued in step 2 of the onboarding process. This will ensure any completed training is correctly recorded against your employee profile.

I have completed the compulsory competencies and mandatory training at the Women’s. Can this be transferred directly to Monash Health? 

We’re currently reviewing all the clinical competencies and other requirements to determine what can be recognised by Monash Health as prior learning. However, there are some competencies that are different or specific to Monash Health that will need to be completed. We will provide further information shortly. 

What K2 training will be provided for staff, in particular on night duty the first week? Is finger print required?

We’re currently finalising these details and will provide more information at next week’s Information session.

Does anyone who is not admin who makes appointments on iPM need any further training? 

Training Modules are available on Latte that can be completed by Nurses and Midwives who might use IPM.

Will we get EMR training and access so we can work at other Monash Health sites

If you would like to work at other Monash Heath sites, then yes, apply and you can attend the Maternity Foundations training available via Latte. Once the EMR Maternity Foundations training has been completed, access is provided to enable documentation in Monash Health EMR.

How do I book into training?

Training will commence from Tuesday 24 January and be delivered with the following schedule:

  • Midwives: Daily 0800-1000, 1030-1230, 1330-1530
  • Admin: Wednesdays & Fridays
  • Medical: existing meetings

Please get in contact with Fleur or Fay who will be able to book you into a suitable session.

NEW – Standing Orders on LATTE is asking for payment to complete the package. 

This should not occur and will be rectified as soon as possible. 

Operational questions

How will the paperwork change?

We will align the forms at Sandringham with paper forms used at other Monash Health sites.  Where there is no existing form, a new form will be developed for Sandringham in consultation with relevant staff.

When will we have access to Monash Health’s policies and procedures?

Employees will have access to the Monash Health system to view procedures via Prompt once an employee number is issued.  The Monash Health Women’s and Newborn procedures are consistent across all our sites.  We are currently reviewing our procedures to ensure anything relating specifically to Sandringham is reflected in our documents.

What will the new service name be?

The obstetric, gynaecology and newborn services operated by Monash Health at Sandringham Hospital will be referred to as Monash Health Women’s at Sandringham.  We will update all signage onsite when we transition.

Will the transition mean that we can reduce the amount of notices and posters on our walls?

At Monash Health we have a ‘clean walls’ procedure across all our sites to ensure the facilities maintain a professional appearance and for infection prevention purposes. We will work with the Sandringham team on how we implement this at Sandringham following the transition.

Will the risk management system VHIMs be the same as we currently use and will it be up and running from 6 February with password accessibility? 

Yes, the same systems will be available after 6 February using your Monash Health logins. 

What is the switch over time for IT and K2 access on Day 1? 

The transfer will occur at 8am and IT and K2 access will be available at this point. 

When is all the paperwork arriving? 

All the new paperwork has been ordered and will be delivered to Sandringham ahead of the transition date. 

Will the maternity and gynae clinics run as normal in the first week? 

We are currently working through the clinic schedule for the first week and will update you soon. 

Will we perform VBAC/TOLACs here at Sandringham? 

At this stage there are no plans to perform VBAC/TOLACs at the Sandringham site. 

We currently send ECVs to Parkville so will we now send these to Clayton? 

Yes. Any ECVs will be performed at the Clayton site on Wednesdays, prior to the patient being returned to Sandringham. 

Will Monash Health do our COGU scans? 

We’re still working through our approach here and will provide an update next week. 

What support will there be for night duty during the first week? 

We’re currently finalising our detailed plan for support during the first few weeks and will make this available shortly. 

Will our EPC catchment be expanding? 

At this stage we are not planning to make changes to the EPC catchment. 

How many women will the midwives see in clinic in a day? We currently do 5 bookings and 5 reviews. 

We are currently finalising our processes but are likely to see between 10-12 women per day, being a combination of booking and review appointments. 

When will the SCN Manager position be advertised?

The job advertisement is currently live and available to view here.

What will be the support for the staff on night duty the first few weeks?

All workflows will be available to provide assistance and troubleshooting where needed.

We will have phone support during the first four weeks to ensure access to resolve any issues not rectified with troubleshooting.

Is everything on our S drive being moved across to Monash computers and will we have a similar drive for staff?

All content on the S drive will be downloaded onto hard drives and then uploaded onto the drive that you’ll use at Monash Health.

How do we refer women to Monash Medical Centre if they become high risk?

Referral is made by email including details of why a patient has become high risk.

If there is an inpatient and/or an EPC at time of change over, does the women stay as a Women’s patient until discharge or become a Monash Health patient?

Anyone still required to be an inpatient after 6 February will be transitioned across to Monash Health. Any patient being discharged on 6 February will remain a Women’s patient but will become a Monash Health patient for any EPC appointments (with their paperwork relabeled with their Monash Health UR number).

Does Monash Health have education fact sheets for women?

Yes, a range of factsheets and resources are available on the Monash Health Women’s website.

PNCITH visits, NST timing, weigh 72 hours – will there be any change to these processes?

The approach at Monash Health is the same as that you are currently using.

What is the role of a ward clerk and their daily tasks?

The current Women’s position descriptions have been transferred across to Monash Health so the roles will remain unchanged.

What will be the role of the HIS staff?

The current Women’s position descriptions have been transferred across to Monash Health so the roles will remain unchanged.

Will the ward clerks record the NST’s on iPM? If not where is it recorded?

NSTs are not recorded on iPM at Monash Health, instead details are entered in a book available at each site using a standard template.

Can we have some Monash baby cards?

Yes, cot cards will be provided prior to the transition.

There is an inpatient progress notes in the list of forms on the fact page, is there an outpatient progress notes form?

 Yes there is. It’s the same form but titled for use with outpatients.

Do the Bank staff require training for CASCOM? 

 Yes, we’re meeting with managers next week to take them through these systems and will provide the same training to casual staff ahead of the transition.

Do we have suggested gestation weeks for clinic appointments and topics for discussion at each one?

 Yes, information about gestation weeks for appointments is available in the Prompt procedure and on the Sandringham appointment booking cards. Guidelines about topics for discussion at each appointment are also provided.

Are appointments available through Telehealth?

We are planning to implement Telehealth at Sandringham to align with our other sites, but it will not be available for Day 1.

NEW – Will the incidence of Early Onset Sepsis calculator change? (0.4/1000 to 1/1000) 

From Day 1 we will align with the Monash Health guideline which will include using a baseline incidence of 1/1000, which is consistent across all Monash Health sites. 

There is an opportunity to assess our baseline incidence taking into account Sandringham data. The leadership teams will discuss this following the transition period. 

NEW – We currently use Alfred Health Blood Order and Administration form for Anti D. Will this continue or will we be using a Monash form? 

This will not change. 

NEW – I have seen the Monash Health Maternity Psychosocial Needs Assessment (MRF05). Will this be completed instead of the Edinburgh scale Emotional Health and Well-being Tool (MR/1211)? 

Yes, you will need to complete the Monash Health tool. 

NEW – Will cord lactate be taken at every birth? 


NEW – Will we be still giving PCEA epidurals or are we reverting to infusions? 

PCEA epidurals will still be used, however there is a new form required which has been displayed in the unit. 

NEW – When are the Monash guardrails being loaded onto the Alfred Alaris pumps in maternity? 

Day 1 – Monday 6 February  

NEW – How do Bank staff access CASCOM? 

This process is currently being established with details to be shared by Friday 3 February. We will update the website with more information as it becomes available 

NEW – Will we continue with phototherapy in the home?  

This will not be available from Day 1, but will resume at a later stage. 

 NEW – Could ward clerks have fixed rosters? 

No changes will be made to current arrangements.  

NEW – If we receive a woman who is ‘unbooked’ and during out-of-hours – is there is admissions number we can call to hasten the process? 

You can get in touch with our contact centre in line with standard Monash Health processes. A workflow regarding this will be shared soon. 

NEW – Will staff receive new BOS passwords prior to Day 1? 


NEW – Regarding the antenatal clinic, it looks like on a Thursday there is one list that has 19 reviews on it, is that correct? 

To accommodate the number of midwife review appointments, the MIST midwife list on a Friday is all reviews. There is the ability to review this workload and adjust in the future. 


Impact on patients and families

What about the impact on patients and families?

We expect the transition will have a minimal impact on patients and families. Maternity, gynaecology, and neonatal services will continue to be provided by the same employees and in the same location.

Patients and families will be notified of the change and assured that they will continue to receive the same exceptional care that the team at Sandringham currently provides.

One of the benefits for patients and families who require tertiary care is that it will be provided by Monash Health in Clayton, which is much closer to home for patients in the south-east. This means, should a patient require tertiary care, the transfer will be quicker and travel time for families and visitors will be reduced – a particular benefit for long-stay adult and neonatal patients.

How and when will we communicate with patients?

We are in the process of contacting patients who are planning to access maternity, gynaecological and/or newborn care at Sandringham in the lead up and during the transition period.


More information

We understand that with any change, you may have additional questions. Leading up to the transition date we’ll be holding information sessions and providing you with further information by email to keep you up to date.

If you do have additional questions, please email us at