COVID-19 information for pregnant women and parents

Find COVID-19 related advice for pregnant women, partners and parents, and credible sources that you can turn to for up-to-date information.

For more information about COVID-19 in relation to changes to Monash Health services, visitor restrictions, screening (testing) clinics, vaccination and resources, please visit the Monash Health website.

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COVID-19 information

Most women who get COVID-19 will have only mild or moderate symptoms. However, pregnant women are more likely to develop severe disease and need intensive care than non-pregnant women with COVID-19. This is one of the reasons COVID-19 vaccination is now strongly recommended, and it is safe to receive at any stage of pregnancy.

If you have recently tested positive for COVID-19, please read COVID-19 infection in pregnancy (fact sheet), and view the resources below.

If you are within the first 7 days of the onset of COVID-19 symptoms, you might also be interested to read about medications that has been developed for the treatment of COVID-19 (such as Remdesivir for treatment of COVID in pregnancy) – For more information – view here.


If you are the mother of a newborn baby and you have tested positive for COVID-19,  please read Tips for mothers with Coronavirus – helping to keep your baby safe.

Other helpful resources

Please visit the Department of Health website for the latest updates with regards to COVID-19, breastfeeding and pregnant women:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and pregnancy

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby – provided on behalf of the Department of Health

Clinic appointments during the pandemic

Monash Health has robust infection control measures in place, and it is safe for you to attend your appointments at Monash Health sites. We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation very closely and will contact you if the risk of infection changes.

Please do not attend a Monash Women’s clinic appointment if you are concerned that you or a close contact may have COVID-19, and get tested as soon as feasible. Self-isolate until your result is known and follow advice from the Department of Health.

Contact the Maternity Clinic at your booked site to speak to one of our midwives if you have tested positive to coronavirus or have concerns.

If you are unwell or in self-isolation and have a clinic appointment, please call the Maternity Clinic to be advised further.

Call a clinic midwife:

COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy

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COVID Research Trials

CO-Sprout Pilot Clinical Study

Do you have COVID-19 and are between 20+0 to 36+0 weeks pregnant?

Monash Health and Monash University are currently recruiting patients to participate in the CO-Sprout Pilot Clinical Study here at Monash Health and Jessie McPherson Private Hospital. CO-Sprout is studying whether a naturally occurring broccoli sprout supplement can be used in pregnant patients with COVID-19 to help reduce the duration of symptoms and improve pregnancy outcomes. Currently this study is underway through Monash Health (Monash Medical Centre Clayton, Dandenong Hospital or Casey Hospital) and Jessie McPherson Private Hospital. In order to participate, you must be booked for your pregnancy care at one of these hospitals.

The study involves 14 days of either broccoli sprout capsules or placebo (sugar pill) taken twice a day and will involve two home visits where a medical research staff member will attend to you at home. During this home visit, we will collect blood, urine and PCR nasal swab samples. You can also elect to optionally provide a stool sample so that we can investigate the effects on the gut and or placenta and umbilical cord samples at the time of birth.

In order to be eligible, you must be:

  • Between 20+0 to 36+0 weeks pregnant with a singleton baby (i.e. not twins/triplets)
  • Positive PCR or RAT test within last 5 days
  • First COVID-19 symptom within last 7 days
  • ≥18 years of age
  • Not already taking broccoli sprout supplements
  • Not currently using anti-viral, antibiotic or monoclonal antibody therapy

From all of the study team at CO-Sprout, we hope you start feeling better soon.

If you are interested in participating or learning more about the study, please contact the study team on either:

Study Mobile Phone: 0458 439 896

To learn more about the study, watch the video below.

CO-Sprout Pilot Clinical Study video

Monash Health YouTube channel