Casey Hospital Team

Dr Jörg Kemper
Ruby Team | Maternity Team Leader | Medical

Jörg started work at Dandenong Hospital in 1992 and continued to do so after Dandenong joined Monash Health. He commenced at Casey when it opened in 2005. Apart from working as a general Obstetrician and Gynaecologist he is a Training Supervisor, mentoring our junior doctors. He lives locally with his wife and two medical student children.

Jennifer Fielding
Ruby Team | Maternity Team Leader | Midwifery

Dr Mark Tarrant
Obstetric Head | Casey Hospital
SapphireTeam | Maternity Team Leader | Medical

Jacquie Mejia
SapphireTeam | Maternity Team Leader | Midwifery

Dr Marziya Kadir
Diamond Team | Maternity Team Leader | Medical

Liz West
Diamond Team | Maternity Team Leader | Midwifery

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