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Our maternity services have developed a variety of publications and videos in collaboration with consumers and care givers to enhance your experience of maternity care and support your transition to parenthood.

#movementsmatter campaign challenges dangerous myths about baby movement during pregnancy, and gives mums-to-be the facts about what to do when they experience reduced fetal movements.


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Saving Baby Willow. The amazing work of multidisciplinary teams from Monash Health, Monash Women's, Monash Children's Hospital and Jessie McPherson Private as they work to save Sam and Willow's life. Watch Video clip here.




In an Australian first, Dandenong Hospital conducts post-natal physiotherapy classes in Dari, Khmer and Vietnamese to cater for the growing number of non-English speaking women in Melbourne's south east.

The patients at Dandenong Hospital are among the most culturally-diverse in the country, with some 92 different language groups represented. SBS World News recently did a special feature on the program.